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Pumping stations

The purpose of wastewater pumping stations made by UAB “Buiteka LT” is to pump domestic and industrial wastewater up to the collector’s level, or in case when wastewater networks are laid and wastewater pipes get too deep into the ground because of unfavourable relief of the locality and technical possibilities. The pump’s type is selected with regard to nature and amount of wastewater, pumping height and distance. Upon the customer’s request, a separate body may be made for the pumping station, or the already designed pumping station with all the belongings may be delivered. Pumping stations are made from glass fibre that has excellent operational characteristics and satisfy the requirements set for this material. Optimal combinations of glass fibre grant big chemical and physical resistance to the product, leading to its durability.
The pumping stations are made in various dimensions, according to individual orders.

Technical data

Diameter D, mm
Height H, mm
According to the customer’s request
According to the customer’s request
According to the customer’s request
According to the customer’s request
According to the customer’s request
According to the customer’s request
All the products of the company comply with environmental protection requirements.
Andriaus Gustaičio str. 25, Pažėrai, Kaunas region.
+370 630 45042

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