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We design both, typical and atypical wastewater treatment plants. We handle all the necessary


The company is making aerobic domestic wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, separators of oil and fats and various atypical treatment plants according to the customer’s needs.


The team of specialists will connect and install wastewater treatment plants.


Treatment is carried out biologically. The plant does not cause any ecological hazard. The aerobic microorganisms it contains decompose wastewater pollutants biologically.


We make infiltration wells and houses for calf growing.
We are making aerobic domestic wastewater treatment plants that treat wastewater biologically.
Quality of the plant’s operation is guaranteed by well-known technological and innovative technical solutions. The principle of domestic wastewater treatment is biological oxidation by active silt under aerobic conditions.

Biological wastewater treatment plants

All the devices manufactured in the company are made from glass fibre. Glass fibre is resistant to mechanical impacts and corrosion. It is used to make light, strong and durable containers of treatment plants and they do not have any details that should be maintained or replaced. They are easy to transport and install in the most convenient location. The biological wastewater treatment plants made by UAB “Buiteka LT” are meant to treat domestic wastewater of private houses, cafés, group of houses, villages and towns.

They work silently

Made from glass-reinforced plastic

The plant causes no ecological hazard

Simple to maintain

No unpleasant smell

No additional treatment plants are needed

All the products of the company comply with environmental protection requirements.
Andriaus Gustaičio str. 25, Pažėrai, Kaunas region.
+370 630 45042

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