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The purpose of fat separators made by UAB “Buiteka LT” is to  separate fats of vegetative and animal origin, oils and grease from wastewater, the density of which is below 0,95 g/cm 3.
Fat separators are not suitable for domestic wastewater and petroleum products, where fats and oils are in emulsive form.
Fat separators are installed:
  • In hotels, restaurants, motels and other public institutions that prepare food;
  • In food processing factories;
  • In slaughterhouses;
  • In meat and sausage factories;
  • In fish processing workshops;
  • In oil factories;
  • In confectionery companies;
  • In factories of soap and other hygienic products;
  • In other industrial companies or public institutions, where waste-pipes are polluted with big amount of fats.
Fat separators are installed in front of wastewater treatment plants. They have a cylindrical vertical container made from glass-reinforced plastic. There are no moving parts inside, so a device is easy to transport and install.
Automatic alarm system with a sensor may be installed into the fat separator for an extra fee. The sensor signals amount of fats accumulated in the separator. When certain level of fats is reached, the sensor sends a sound signal that accumulated fats need to be removed.

Fat separator has three units. Fat reaches the first unit of a fat separator by inflow pipe. There the heaviest insoluble particles, sand, salt, etc. precipitate. Besides, suspended substances are contained in the first and the second unit. Fats are separated and accumulated on the water surface in the second unit. Water separated from fat is discharged in the third unit for further treatment into biological treatment plants or to urban sewerage.

If fat separator does not have a sound alarm and a level sensor, it is necessary to check a layer of accumulated fats regularly every two weeks. Fats have to be removed from a separator if thickness of the fat layer exceeds 1 cm. Fat is removed through a servicing hatch by extracting it by sanitation machine.

The guarantee of 10 years is granted for the construction of fat separator, and the guarantee of 1 year is granted for electrical part. If amount of fats exceeds threshold set by the manufacturer of fat separator, the manufacturer shall not be held responsible for failures in operation of a fat separator.
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