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Air Blowers


The membranous air blower “Hiblow” was designed and constructed in consideration to environment. It resulted in especially innovative,  small and compact products of extreme power, but that use very little electricity.
Application of air blowers HIBLOW:

  • to saturate wastewater with oxygen (aeration) in small treatment plants
  • to saturate wastewater with oxygen (aeration) in ponds and aquariums
  • in gauges – to take air samples 
  • for medical equipment
  • for vacuum packing
  • for decorative aquariums

We consult about selection and installation of air blowers.
We repair air blowers.
We supply spare parts of air blowers.

Andriaus Gustaičio str. 25, Pažėrai, Kaunas region.
+370 630 45042

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