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About us

Human relations with nature are very important in present world, so now bigger attention is given to environmental protection, and we also contribute to this by designing, making and installing domestic wastewater treatment plants. UAB “Buiteka LT” is located at 25, A. Gustaičio str., Pažėrai village, Kaunas region.

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The company offers various solutions for domestic wastewater treatment and processing of pollutants. It started with consultations and search for rational ecological solutions regarding treatment of domestic wastewater, and it was conducting various experiments related to environmental protection and ecology.
UAB “Buiteka LT” designs, makes, installs and services:

Domestic wastewater treatment plants

Pumping stations

Sand catchers

Oil catchers

Water tanks

Fat separators

Infiltration wells

Wastewater storage and other containers

All the products of the company meet the requirements of environmental protection. The company guarantees defect-free quality of each made and installed treatment device for 10 years after its installation.

The qualified specialists with big experience are employed in the company. They help a customer to find the optimal solution when choosing a type of domestic wastewater treatment plant, and consult regarding operation of plants.

A big database on wastewater treatment has been collected in the company. It has an advanced manufacture technology of domestic wastewater treatment plants. The company is improving technologies of wastewater treatment process and introducing new solutions all the time.

Andriaus Gustaičio str. 25, Pažėrai, Kaunas region.
+370 630 45042

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